Sofia Lili Zhang / ​张莉莉
Director / Screenwriter/ Producer

导演                 编剧                     制片

   Sofia is a passionate New York-based filmmaker. She is born in Italy and lived there for eight years. She and her family then moved to China, where they currently reside. She speaks both Italian and Chinese as well as English. 

She has had multiple jobs on set for many films.  She usually the producer, assistant director, and casting director. She also is an editor and sound designer for post-production.  She has directed five of her own short films.  She had two internships in China at television stations:  Mango TV and Zhejiang Entertainment Channel.  She is focused on the visuals and symbolism of the script.  She is now the director and producer under the label of Tiangang Fenghua Film Production Company. One of the most prominent film company in China.



她在片场担任各个不同的职位,其中担任最多的便是制片人,导演助理和招聘选角导演。她还是后期剪辑师和修音师。她曾自编自导过五部短片。去年夏天还曾在芒果TV以及浙江娱乐频道实习。她专注于呈现电影的视觉和剧本的核心隐喻。 张莉莉目前属于北京天罡风华影视公司的导演。

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